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Artist Statement

"The Sacred Liminal" is an extension of landscape paintings that are created from memory, reference and observation. I am attracted to a combination of flattened textural surfaces that extend back towards natural expanses of space. These tectonic shapes project back into the distance and are broken by planar intersections of light and color. These intersections provide key moments of contrast, both in light, color and compositional direction.  These intersections are a combination of planes merging with strong diagonals that project the viewer back into space. There is a constant, playful weaving back into the distance. 


My mark-making investigates a combination of applied moments that exist as defined shapes while other strokes blend atmospherically.  I want the viewer to exist within the foreground of surface texture, searching for visual paths of contrast, chroma and illumination that guide them back towards the horizon; a simultaneous push and pull that strategically moves them across these natural spaces and back into the distance. 

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